Algonac Baptist Church

1003 Washington St. Algonac, MI 48001


Welcome to Algonac Baptist Church

Our beloved Pastor will be retiring in September. We are looking for a new Pastor. If interested please e-mail our committee at

 We will get back with you.

Here are some reasons you should check out Algonac Baptist Church...

  • Lessons come from the Bible and insight is given to help you apply these lessons to your life.
  • The members are regular people, just like you. We are caring and friendly and we make mistakes, just like you.
  • We apply lessons from the Bible to help us grow and learn to avoid making the same mistakes again!
  • There are many activities going on to encourage growth with the Lord as well as to encourage fellowship and friendship with others.
  • If you are confused about your beliefs, you are encouraged to ask for guidence at your own pace. Many people at the church are excellent choices for this.
  • Many times are scheduled for Bible study. You can chose one to fit into your schedule.
  • There are activities and groups for people of all ages. Yes, the whole family can be involved. There is a nursery on site as well.
  • Visitors are always welcome.